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  • Product: ECO Ceiling Light LED
  • Item No: 629436W,629472W
  • Added time: 2015-11-02
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    ECO Ceiling Light LED


    • New LED version of this ECO Ceiling Light features excellent operation stability and reliability to eliminate disadvantages of radio interference and instability existing in the prevailing version of CFL 2U type lamp
    • Surface mount, ideal for vehicle and boat interior use
    • Engineered lens optics designed to distribute consistent cozy lighting illuminated from warm white LED, UV resistance
    • Super flux (P4) type or SMD LEDs, super bright, long life span up to 100,000hours
    • Circuit board completely sealed in epoxy to resist moisture, corrosion and vibration
    • Rated for 12V, tested to 13.8V
    • Also available in 24V version (special order only – minimum may apply)


    Part No.

    Input Voltage

    Lighting Color

    No. of


    LED Type

    Color Temp.

    Current Draw at 13.8V

    Lumen Output


    12 V

    Warm White,



    ~4,200 K

    200 mA

    160 lm


    12 V

    Warm White,



    ~4,200 K

    600 mA

    350 lm